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  • Strength Training and Osteoporosis
    by Lynn VanDyke
    Strength training has been shown to increase bone density. It has been shown to increase overall strength, balance and coordination as well. Exercise is one of the best natural defenses against this disease.

  • Bun and Thigh Exercises - Get a Firm and Shapely Booty
    By Karen Sessions
    There are many exercises that shape and strengthen your glutes. The key is to train them effectively, without overtraining them.

  • Buying the Perfect Women's Snowboard
    by Mayoor Patel
    More women are getting interested in snowboarding. However, the equipment is not designed to be a uniform fit for males and females alike. If you are in the market for a quality women's snowboard, there are several factors you should keep in mind.

  • Tips on Bowling for Ladies
    by Mitch Johnson
    Any lady interested in the game of bowling? The ladies are coming up fast in the bowling game now, and why shouldn't they? When you analyze it, the sport is a natural one for them, for it puts a premium on smoothness, gracefulness and rhythm, with which the average woman is born.

  • Women's Basketball History
    By Peter Portero
    The Women’s National Basketball Association, created in 1996, is the first women’s league to be fully endorsed by the NBA, their male counterpart.

  • Women in the Martial Arts
    by Anita Wilson
    When I started Aikido I made a point of training with the men and they treated me as one of them. With regular practice I progressed.

  • Golf Fitness Exercises for the Woman Golfer
    by Sean Cochran
    What are the best exercises to improve golf fitness levels, are flexibility exercises and stretches better than other forms of golf fitness exercises, and what are the benefits of golf fitness exercises for the woman golfer?

  • Do You Have What It Takes To Compete?
    by Karen Sessions
    More and more ladies are venturing to the competitive stage, whether it is in Figure, Fitness, or Bodybuilding. Competing is for everyone who has a willingness, desire, and a positive attitude.

  • Gender Issues In Soccer Coaching
    by Steve Watson
    Girls are becoming more interested in playing soccer, but should they be coached in the same way?

  • Top 10 Benefits Of Strength Training For Women
    by Lynne VanDyke
    Women are finally warming up to free weights, and it is a beautiful thing! It's true that women are recognizing strength training as a major player in the battle against fat loss.

  • Women and Horses – A Powerful Synergy
    by Bayard Fox
    Horseback riding is a sport at which women excel. One can try to explain their success because they are lighter than men and have obvious anatomical advantages for the saddle. This is certainly not everything.

  • Can Women Build Big Muscles? Why Women Can't Build Big Muscles Easily
    by Chris Chew
    Women who accept the myth that they will build big muscles if they workout with weights will miss out on all of the benefits that weightlifting and bodybuilding can offer.

  • 5 Heart Healthy Exercises You Can Do During Pregnancy
    by Tia Rodriguez
    Being pregnant doesn’t mean that your health and figure has to suffer permanent damage. You can gain weight in a healthy fashion while doing some very easy and safe heart healthy pregnancy exercise routines.


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