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"Always hustle; never quit!" Detroit Lakes Laker Volleyball Team

  • Training To Be A Better Court Volleyball Player
    By Gray Rollins
    To be a great court volleyball player you need to be powerful, energetic, graceful, and able to handle the ball with finesse. This kind of spectrum of requirements calls for a unique training regimen.

  • What Started It All - The History Of Volleyball
    by Rebecca Blain
    Surprisingly, one of the most well loved sports in the world is also relatively young. Despite the game's youth, it has gone through a wide variety of changes and evolution as a part of its rich history. Believe it or not, but at one time there wasn't Asics or Nike women's volleyball shoes or even volleyball uniforms for sale anywhere, let alone online!

  • What You Should Know About Volleyball Safety To Make The Most Of Your Play Time
    by Rebecca Blain
    The fun and excitement of volleyball lures many children and adults into playing the sport. However, in order to have as much fun as possible, volleyball safety is something that you must always keep in mind. There is no fun in a sport if you are injured and cannot play

  • Powerful Periodized Strength Training Basics For Volleyball
    by Lynn VanDyke
    Strength training dominates most athletes' fitness and conditioning programs throughout the year. In particular, volleyball players are well known to have one of the highest levels of strength training dedication. These elite athletes realize the benefits of a proper periodized strength training program.

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