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"Swimming is normal for me. I'm relaxed. I'm comfortable, and I know my surroundings. It's my home." Michael Phelps

  • Why Count Strokes?
    by Kevin Koskella
    As a coach of distance swimmers and triathletes, I believe stroke counting is a necessary part of most swimming workouts. If you stick with it and do it on a consistent basis, stroke counting in swimming is an excellent way to increase your DPS (Distance Per Stroke).

  • Interval Training for Swimming Distance
    by Kevin Koskella
    Interval training is used to describe the system of multiple repeat swims used in most swim training programs. An example is a set of 10 repeats of 100’s at 80% effort with 10-20 seconds rest between swims.

  • Swimming In Open Water Safety Tips
    by Gregory De Villiers
    Swimming in open water can make a pleasant change from the mind-numbing lengths of a swimming pool. Instead of the claustrophobic feeling of being enclosed in a swimming lane, you have a sense of freedom in the open water.

  • Are Fins Useful in Training?
    by Kevin Koskella
    One of the most common questions I hear as a coach is, "Should I use fins?" The answer depends largely on your goals, your skill level and the type of fins.

  • Bilateral Breathing
    by Kevin Koskella
    One of the most common wonders of the swimming world is, should you use alternate-side, or bilateral breathing?

  • Olympic Swimming vs. Triathlon Swimming 
    by Kevin Koskella
    The freestyle stroke is (or should be) different for Olympic sprinters and amateur triathletes

  • How to Master the Top 5 Challenges to Breathing in Freestyle by Kevin Koskella
    Here are the top 5 challenges in learning how to breathe in freestyle, along with the remedies on how to get over these.

  • Swimming And Shoulder Injuries
    by Kevin Koskella
    Most sports come with injuries to accompany them. Although swimming is, by most standards, not a sport associated with high risk of injury, it does have it’s own problems. By far the biggest source of sidelining swimming injuries is the shoulder.

  • Swimming & Strength Training
    by Steve Preston
    Swimming is a very unique sport to develop a proper strength training workout for. Swimming is one of the few sports that requires more upper body strength for maximum performance.

  • Need to Get Back Into Swimming Shape?
    by Kevin Koskella
    Have you taken a break from swimming? Do you feel out of shape and feel the need to get back in shape quickly?

  • Swimming Workout
    by Gary Gresham
    A swimming workout can be a new and refreshing way to get or stay in shape.

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