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  • Basic Soccer Rules
    by Niv Orlian
    Let's take a look at some of the official soccer rules of today and give them a small explanation for why they are there and how they affect the game.

  • Score At Least 5 More Points Per Game By Coaching Football Kicking Properly
    by Matt Zavadil
    If you could improve your team's kicking skills to the point of making just one field goal and two extra points per game, what would those five points do for your football coaching record?

  • Lowering the Risk of High School Football Injuries
    by Jonathon Hardcastle
    It is not possible to prevent injuries in the game of football and for this reason many parents are hesitant to allow their children to participate. But the risk of injury can be minimized with cooperation between parents, doctors and coaches.

  • Soccer Fitness Training - The Way To Do It
    by Gary Evans
    As an avid football fan for over 25 years I'm going to explain the best conditioning exercises currently known for the different player positions.

  • Soccer Swoosh Defense! Can Young Players Learn the Flat Back Four Zone Defense?
    By Hardy Kalisher
    Any defense will have its strengths and weaknesses. A knowledgeable coach will know those weaknesses and will encourage their team to break it down. All disclaimers aside, the flat back four is the preferred system of most modern teams. A youth soccer coach should emphasize the development of players within the context of modern soccer.

  • Soccer Systems of Play, Positional Dynamics and Team Formation 4-5-1
    by Steve September
    4, defenders are usually arranged as outside left, inside left, inside right and outside right. The most recent idea is to have them lined up in a banana shape with the middle of the curve closest to the goalkeeper and the outside defenders, the points, slightly ahead but behind the midfielders.

  • Soccer Nutrition and Mental Focus
    by Steve September
    Focusing on a dietary plan is also preparing the mind for future competitions is a longer process. This is the use of one of the most important issues in life (food), to introduce another important issue (competition), to heighten the all aspects of individual and team performances.

  • Gender Issues In Soccer Coaching
    by Steve Watson
    Girls are becoming more interested in playing soccer, but should they be coached in the same way?

  • The Need For Speed In Soccer
    by Neil Travers
    You only have to watch a senior professional game of football to recognise the importance that speed has in the game. But there is more to speed than meets the eye.

  • The World's Most Beloved Sport - The History of Soccer
    by Rebecca Blain
    While it is undisputed that the origins of modern soccer, or football, originated in Britain, there is a great deal of evidence that points to this beloved game as having an older history.

  • Chelsea Football Club - The Story Of The Blues
    by Nilesh Peshawaria
    Most soccer teams have an emotional link to their home stadium, but the history of few teams and stadiums are as intertwined as that of Chelsea FC and Stamford Bridge, their London home.

  • The Nitty Gritty Of Soccer Safety
    by Rebecca Blain
    As soccer is one of the most well loved sports on Earth, many children and adults are lured into participating in playing on a daily basis. Due to this wide spread popularity, soccer injuries are very common.

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