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Snowboarding Safety Tips
by C. Deveraux
Snowboarding can be great fun, but take some precautions and enjoy this exhilarating sport safely.

Snowboard Snowboarding: What Stance Should You Use?
by Toby Russell
If you are considering snowboard snowboarding you will need to determine which stance you intend to use. This refers to how you actually stand on the snowboard. This is important because it will also determine how you mount the bindings on the board.

A Look At the Intriguing History of Snowboarding
by Keith Kingston
There have been many attempts at developing a modern snowboard. In 1965, the “Snurfer” (a word play on ‘snow’ and ‘surfer’) was developed as a child’s toy.

Skidded Turns And Beyond
by Jakob Jelling
For many beginners, learning to turn on a snowboard can be rather challenging and unnerving.

A Few Basic Snowboard Tricks for the Beginner
by Mayoor Patel
As snowboarding continues to become a popular pastime for more and more young people, it is only natural that a few basic moves (or tricks) have become common among snowboard enthusiasts. After developing your basic skills, the beginner may want to master a few of these tricks.

Useful Pointers on How to Ollie Off a Jump
by Alex Rider
With increased riding diversity comes a healthy dose of difficulty. Jumps look exciting and are a great way to improve your snowboarding. If done properly you may impress, the trick will also look stylish, in you own particular way of course!

Buying the Perfect Women's Snowboard
by Mayoor Patel
More women are getting interested in snowboarding. However, the equipment is not designed to be a uniform fit for males and females alike. If you are in the market for a quality women's snowboard, there are several factors you should keep in mind.

Which Snowboard?
by John Rodgers
When buying snowboarding equipment the first item on most mindsis the snowboard. So what are the basic 'need to knows' of the snowboard types?

Buying A Snowboard
by Mayoor Patel
More advice to help you decide which snowboard to buy.

Snowboarding Wax: What Should Be Done!
by Alex Rider
Do you ever wonder why it is that there always seems to be a whole load of people, some on the worst rental boards you can imagine, that manage to overtake you with ease, just managing to maintain enough speed to get over the ridge and carry on down the mountain? Well, this darn unfortunate occurrence may be due to you either having poorly waxed your board, of worse still, not having waxed it at all!

Snowboard Safety: Common Injuries and Treatment
by Jeremy Hier
Snowboarding is one of the most popular snow sports and, like any other physical activity it makes the body susceptible to injury. However if the right precautions are taken and the correct protective gear is worn, the body can be protected from any severe injury. Here are a few snowboarding safety tips dealing with common injuries, how to treat those injuries and what can be done to prevent them.

How To Wheelie Like A Pro On A Snowboard
by Jakob Jelling
Wheelies are an old trick that goes back at least as far as roller skating and most likely much further. It seems that any time any body has a vehicle with four wheels they need to find a way to make it run on just two wheels for a while. The list of examples can vary from muscle cars to skateboards to quads and motorbikes.

Optical Illusions When Snowboarding
by Jakob Jelling
While 'shifties' are a snowboarding trick they are also an optical illusion. When doing a shifty you are creating the illusion of doing a 180-degree turn in the air and reversing it before you land. Of course since it is an optical illusion you do not really turn 180-degrees.

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