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Learn To Ski On Vacation by Chris Snow

You can plan a family ski vacation even if no one knows how to ski. You can learn the sport while on vacation and have a great time. You don't need to know anything about skiing before you get to the resort because everything will be available to you there. All the knowledge you need and all the necessary equipment is part of a ski package. You will be skiing within an hour of beginning your instruction.

It is relatively easy to learn to ski. Most resorts provide a ski school right on their premises, with lessons being reasonably priced. There are both group and private lessons available at most resorts. You should schedule an appointment for lessons before you arrive at the resort, however. This way, you will be sure that you can start your skiing lessons right away.

Most instructors begin by showing you how to handle your equipment. You will be tilted forward slightly when you are wearing ski boots, so walking in them the first time is quite awkward. You will get the hang of it in no time, though - just walk with your knees bent slightly.

Your first skiing maneuver will be the plow, or snow plow. This technique requires that you literally use your skis like a plow. The back of the skis slowly moves outward and away from your body via the application of pressure. This is what stops you. You can guide yourself on skis by bending your knees and then leaning in one direction or another. The way you lean depends on which way you want to go. These techniques can be learned in about an hour, even if you've never skied in your life.

One of the great things about skiing is that once you've learned the snowplow technique and how to guide yourself, you are ready to hit the slopes. Get on the ski lift, go on up the mountain, and try out what you have learned. Once you feel confident enough to go faster, draw the skis back in from the snow plow position, then push them back out to control your speed.

Because you are just beginning to learn the sport, you should stay on trails designed for beginners. At most ski resorts the beginner trails are marked with a green emblem. Generally, trails marked in blue are for intermediate skiers. After a day on the beginner trails, you might be ready to try on of these. Black trails are for experts and can be very dangerous for individuals who do not have the skills to handle them. You should avoid black trails until you have had considerable amounts of instruction and experience. You will know when you are ready to use these trails!

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