Sport And Fitness Articles For Seniors



  • Strength Training and Osteoporosis
    by Lynn VanDyke
    Strength training has been shown to increase bone density. It has been shown to increase overall strength, balance and coordination as well. Exercise is one of the best natural defenses against this disease.

  • Strength Training After Fifty
    by Lynn VanDyke
    Strength training can improve health. Just because you're over 50 that's no reason not to do it.

  • Weight Training for Seniors
    by Denny Waldarmo
    One of the most amazing men I ever met used to work out in the same gym that I used when I lived in Florida. When I first saw him, I figured his age to be late 50s ... perhaps 60, tops. I was astounded one day to learn that he was 73.

  • Funny, I Don't Feel Like a Master Athlete!
    by Ainsley Laing
    Just because you're over 45 doesn't mean you can't be fit and sporty. You could even run a marthon.

  • Senior Golfers Can Still Play Great Golf
    by Mike Pedersen

If you’re a senior golfer…don’t give up and don’t give in to the perception that’s it’s all downhill from here. No way!

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