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  • Tips When Choosing Your Scuba Tanks
    by Mike Selvon
    Scuba tanks can greatly affect your buoyancy and choosing the right one for your trip -- as well as proper positioning on your back -- can make the difference between a hassle and an enjoyable dive.

  • Scuba Diving And Air Consumption
    By Richard Akhtar
    can we do something about our own air consumption underwater or do we have to put up with what we are given by nature? As a dive resort owner who has completed over 1500 dives in the last 5 years in Fiji (mostly as a guide or instructor) I have some personal opinions and observations on this subject.
  • Diving with Asthma
    by Sheldon Hey
    Many asthmatics want to dive, but unfortunately, there are a number of concerns about the effect of asthma on dive safety.

  • Scuba Diving: Choosing A Dry Suit
    by John Hewitt
    A suit to use in cold conditions is a major investment for most divers. You are not just investing in keeping dry but also in keeping warm.

  • Traveling With Scuba Dive Gear and Equipment
    by Clint Leung
    With today's state of air travel and airport security, scuba divers often have to decide how to travel with all their dive gear.

  • The Red Sea in Egypt for Scuba Diving
    by Clint Leung
    For many scuba divers, the Red Sea is one of those 'must dive atleast once in a lifetime' destinations. It is a very unique place to dive especially with the desert background visible from the dive boats.

  • How to Get Certified In Scuba Diving
    by Clint Leung
    The first two steps in getting certified in scuba diving is to make sure that you are a reasonably proficient swimmer and you get medical clearance from your doctor to take up the sport.

  • Debunking Myths: Overcoming Scuba Diving Fears
    by Frederic Madore
    Unfounded fears of scuba diving brought about by myths, hearsay and lack of knowledge get in the way of experiencing the exciting sport.

  • Learning To Dive With The Scuba Trust
    by Ann Buckle
    A conversation with a physiotherapist, who had seen a quadriplegic diving whilst being towed by an able-bodied companion, led to my having a try-dive. Getting out of the wheelchair which M S has put me into, felt wonderful!

  • How To Choose The Right Scuba Fins
    by Laura Cain
    When it comes to investing in your own pair of scuba fins, you have a plethora of choices from a number of manufacturers who continue to advance the engineering they use to produce the most durable, efficient fins possible.

  • Scuba Certification: Questions You Need To Ask Before Getting Certified
    by Jay Umbenhauer
    Learning how to scuba dive is your ticket to the ultimate underwater adventure. The scuba certification that you earn is internationally recognized, never expires, and allows you to rent or purchase your own diving equipment.

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