Karate For Children


Karate For Children by Jason Hanna

Importance of Karate to Children

Today's children are the leaders of tomorrow. What could be better if they are taught the good virtues of life and are instilled with the spirits of comradeship, friendship and positive attitude so that they become good and helpful members of the society when they grow up? Children like to play, shout and create a nuisance most of the time. These unharnessed energies can be controlled and directed for the betterment of the society and for the child itself. What can be better than karate training at this young age?

Normally children are under stress due to school, parents pressure to do well, their own fears and because of the menace of bullies at school and on the streets. Playing on the streets is often unsafe, leaving children with nowhere to go and causing worries and problems for their parents. Karate is an important outlet for children to vent their feelings and frustrations. Karate helps in bringing the child and the parents together as a family.

How does Karate Help In Development?

Karate has taken center stage in many of the schools, relegating
a number of other physical programs to the background. Karate is
a physical exercise involving punching, kicking and body movements that teach self-defense and control of the mind and body, allowing the child to learn to handle life's frustrations. Karate also teaches the children to count and yell, known as kia. Of course, it is normal for a child to shout and yell, but karate controls and directs the shouting among the children into something positive and educational.

Children at such a young age are full of life and energy. They are daring and not afraid of taking any risk. While young, it is easy to learn any art. Children who get less physical activity suffer more stress. They are always being told to remain still and quiet, generating even more stress and leading to feelings of frustration and anger. Karate is a safe physical exercise done under the guidance of an experienced instructor which allows children to shed away their frustrations.

Karate not only energies the child, but also teaches them to control their anger. Many parents whose children have been put into the regime of karate training have found their children doing better in their studies, sleeping well, doing their homework on time and seem to be more cooperative in their behavior, not only in the house but also in the classroom. Such children appear calmer and less likely to shy away from a difficult situation. For these reasons, karate training has no parallels in focusing a child's energy and building their

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