Rotator Cuff Repair & Injury

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Important Rotator Cuff Repair & Injury Information by Will Johnson

The rotator cuff are the muscles that cover the shoulder joint. They allow the arm to rotator and lift. As you become older, this joint become thinner and weaker, and can often be injured by light accidents. Younger individuals often have damage due to more extreme injuries. The tear normally occurs wear the muscle meets the tendon and since blood flow is minimal, rotator cuff repair can take take a long time.

If the rotator cuff tears fully then it is impossible for repair to happen naturally and surgery is needed. This procedure is 90% effective at "improving" the injury. This improvement is better than not having surgery since there will be no power or movement in the shoulder otherwise. The improvement may be good or lousy depending on the post-surgery activities.

If the tear is partial then surgery may not be the best option. The surgery will often leave the muscle weaker with less movement. Rotator cuff repair is often better with natural physical therapy help. An expert should be sought with knowledge of this injury.

Either way, injuries often cause uncomfortable pain when lifting the arm and at night. Lack of movement and power is common. Rotator cuffs do not repair themselves well with time. An exercise program is very much needed to help restore power, motion and blood flow to speed up the repairing process.

Remember that the most important step is physical therapy for rotator cuff repair in avoiding surgery or speeding up the healing process dramatically. Knowing the repair exercising will have a big effect on whether your shoulder repairs quickly or takes months with plenty of pain medications.

If you would like to know exactly the exercises you need for rotator cuff injury & tear repair then please visit this webpage: Article Source.

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