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  • Rating Horseback Riding at Dude Ranches
    by Bayard Fox
    Dude ranches in general have a bad reputation. Not all ranches are like that and they are as contrasting in character and philosophy as the individualistic types who run them. If serious horseback riding on fine horses is your main interest, here are some important points to consider in seeking the dude ranch which will best suit you.

  • How Can Horseback Riding Accidents Be Minimized?
    by Bayard Fox
    There is a great deal more to safety in horseback riding than just wearing a hard hat though that is certainly basic. In my experience it is rare that speed alone is the cause of an accident.

  • The Difficulty Moving UpTo A Higher Level
    by Bill Dunigan
    Have you been successful at the lower levels of dressage, or jumping, or how about barrel racing or eventing? The discipline doesn't matter; the difficulty moving up to the higher levels is the same.

  • What Horses Like To Eat
    by Jane Thurnell-Read
    A new study gives some interesting surprises about what horses like to eat.

  • Rider Burnout
    by Bill Dunigan
    Over the years I have noticed a situation that develops much too often. That is the problem of burn out on the part of the rider. How often have we known someone who started riding, and at some point decided to pursue a particular discipline to the exclusion of any other activity involving horses... The sad part is that it doesn't need to happen.

  • Adventure Travel On Horseback
    by Bayard Fox
    When you think of ‘adventure travel’, what crosses your mind? Hiking? White-water rafting? Scuba diving? Something as sedentary as a cruise ship or land rover safari? Those ideas lose their ‘adventure’ status when you compare them to galloping on a horse in Africa with a zebra and wildebeest racing alongside you, or quietly observing the elephant and giraffe.

  • Women and Horses – A Powerful Synergy
    by Bayard Fox
    Horseback riding is a sport at which women excel. One can try to explain their success because they are lighter than men and have obvious anatomical advantages for the saddle. This is certainly not everything.

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