Hydration When Bodybuilding

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Hydration When Bodybuilding by Tim Santorini

So many people don't realize how important it is to keep your body hydrated, especially during work out. Also most of them will work out too much adding to the negative effect dehydration can have. What is really concerning is that in bad conditions like extreme warmth and an excessively long work out with lack of water several incidents like strokes can happen. This should be avoided and it helps more than you'd imagine if you drink enough water.

Water is a big part of our body (55 to 75% of our body weight) and also think about the fact that blood is 90% formed of water. Now just think about it! What can happen if your blood does not have enough water? It's very simple, it will thicken and the natural flow of it will be damaged. Also, the muscle is formed of 70-80% water.

Many people ask: how can they know how much water to drink during a workout? It is a simple procedure that should be followed. All you have to do is weigh yourself before exercising and you have to have the same weight when the work out is done. If you weigh less then you are dehydrated.

On the other hand drinking too much water will lead to a condition called Hyponatremia. This can also lead in extreme cases to serious accidents like strokes and comas. Too much water is also bad as you can see.

The kidneys are very important in our body when talking about hydration as they regulate the fluids by controlling the flow of urine. Have you ever noticed the difference in colour of the urine? If it is excessively clear then you are over hydrated and if it is too dark then you are dehydrated.

Be attentive to the levels of hydration in your workout. As you can see it is very important and as a general rule it will also help you have a better and more productive exercise session.

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