Senior Golfers Can Still Play Great Golf

Senior Golfers Can Still Play Great Golf by Mike Pedersen

If you’re a senior golfer…don’t give up and don’t give in to the perception that’s it’s all downhill from here. No way!

You have a lot of GREAT golf years ahead of you, but you need to take a different approach to your golf improvement. The approach I’m going to talk about will quickly and dramatically transform your game; and you can do this all right in your own home in less than 30 minutes. No more teasing…this secret approach involves your BODY! Yes…it’s that simple!

Do you ever go on the course and start playing only to feel like you can’t make a full backswing? How about your distance? Have you lost yards off your drives the last few years? And lastly, how about aches and pains? Does your back, shoulders, hips or even wrists hurt when you play or afterwards? Then there’s only one choice! Improve your current physical fitness, specific to your golf game. You may have heard this before…but have you done anything about it? I know it can be confusing with all the information out there.

I’m here to tell you there is hope…and a lot of it. The first thing you need to do is find out what your limitations are. Is it strength? Is it flexibility? How about the mental? That’s a huge part of the game; but I can tell you, your mind and body are linked very intimately. If you feel weak, tired and out of shape…your confidence will be so low it will be a miracle you can even complete a round of golf, let alone get a score you’re proud of. It’s time to change all that! Right here…right now!

Taking ACTION ‘right after’ reading this article is critical to your golfing future. I don’t believe in thinking about something; dreaming about something; and not doing anything. Have a clear, very specific picture in your mind of the kind of golfer you are capable of being and badly want to be.

I can’t tell you exactly what to do in this article. It would be 20 pages of meaty stuff that would get your mind going a hundred miles a minute; but I hope I’ve motivated you to take a look at your ‘current’ level of fitness (both strength and flexibility) and come up with a plan (either on your own, or with the help of a qualified golf fitness professional) that will transform your game quickly and easily. It’s not as hard as you think. Just doing a few of the ‘right’ golf stretches and golf strength exercises in your home a couple of times a week will make a world of difference.

Now get away from your computer and do this stretch right away! It will feel so good on your lower back. It’s my Lying Leg Crossover:

Lie on back with legs extended. Raise one leg and bend at knee to 90 degrees in knee and hip. Cross that leg over the extended leg, while opposite shoulder stays on ground. Go until slight pull in butt and lower back. Hold and repeat once more Switch legs and do opposite side

This is just one simple golf exercise of dozens you can do with minimal or no equipment that will quickly and dramatically transform your game for years to come!

Mike Pedersen is one of the top golf fitness experts in the USA, author of the Ultimate Golf Fitness Guide, and founder of several cutting-edge online golf fitness sites. Check out his new site

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