Stop Slicing: Use Proper Forearm Rotation

Stop Slicing: Use Proper Forearm Rotation by K.B. Thompson

Like most golfers I developed a nasty slice. However over time I learned that the slice can be tamed. At first we are too worried about the typical myths. "Keep your head down, or keep the left arm straight, or keep your eye on the ball". Do those sound familiar? Of course they do we have all heard them.

Many golfers simply never learned how to swing their arms first. They just picked up a club, gripped it so it felt comfortable, and tried to make contact with the ball. Today we will look at a simple golf drill that will teach you how to rotate your forearms properly.

One step in learning to square the clubface at impact is to swing the hands and arms in the correct manner. This aspect is often overlooked in today's teachings. Too often the rotation portion of the swing is over emphasized. Today's drill looks at swing the arms in the correct manner after impact.

Get into a balanced set up position with a narrow stance. Balance on your target leg and bring your trail leg behind about 12-18 inches. Swing the club with a ¾ length back swing and strike the ball. Pay attention to the ball flight, when done properly the ball should draw or hook. After hitting a few draws in a row assume your regular stance and hit shots. Take notice if the ball flight has improved. If not repeat this drill.

Setting up with our trail leg behind us allows our body to turn easily back, however the body is restricted from turning fully towards the target. Our set up in this drill allows us to swing the club on inside path. To square the clubface the arms must work in the proper sequence. To square the clubface the forearms must rotate correctly through the impact zone and in to the follow through. To be able to draw the ball the arms must swing in the proper motion first.


-Take nuetral stance.

-Then close your stance

-use a 3/4 length backswing and follow through

-stance restricts body's turn into follow through force the fore arms to rotate.

This is a simple and effective golf drill to teach your body how to rotate the forearms. This will help you square up or even close the club face at impact. The result will be a reduced slice and hopefully a slight draw.

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