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Wheelchair Basketball Training Tips: Weave Passing And Transition by Pål Degerstrøm

The drill uses a 'multi-man' passing drill up the court, and a transition fast-break drill down the court. It can be played by 3-11 players. It involves the skills of passing, conditioning and transition.


Start with three players on the baseline, spread across the floor. The ball starts with the player in the middle, who passes to one of the other players, who has begun to move down the floor. He/she then wheels at full pace around the player who has the ball. The player with the ball, whilst moving down the court, hits the third player with a pass as they also move down the court. They then hit the first player who has wheeled into the passing lane, and the players thus 'weave' down the court. When they reach the far basket, a lay-up is made. The player who makes the lay-up is now defence in a 2 on 1 fast-break back down the court, which begins immediately. After one shot, they leave the court and the next 3 players are up.


Make sure it is clear who will be defence in the transition.


After the 3-man weave is mastered, make it a 5-man weave with 3 on 2 coming back down the floor. In this drill, the passer and shooter become defence. Then try a 7-man weave with 4 on 3 transition, and 9-man weave with 5 on 4 and 11-man weave with 6 on 5. In each of these it is important that players know who will be defence (it is sometimes better to nominate before hand eg, outside lines are defence) and for the players to talk as they come down the floor, because the defence will change each time the drill is run. The drill works particularly well for wheelchair players because with the bigger numbers, it gets players used to wheeling through heavy traffic.

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