How to Train to Be A Salsa Dancer


How to Train to Be A Salsa Dancer by Evan Margolin

Training to be a professional salsa dancer takes a lot of time, commitment, stamina and a lot of discipline. But if you love salsa music and love to dance, this may be a great career for you.

Top salsa dancers in the business usually have a dance background from an early age. Many begin as gymnasts, jazz or tap dancers and then in their teen or early adult years, they are exposed to salsa dance and make the transition.

The reason why gymnasts and dancers have an easy time adjusting to salsa dance is because of the rigorous training that they are accustomed to. The jumps and tumbles of gymnastics are very helpful in the lift moves common in salsa dance. And the rhythmic choreography of jazz and tap make adjusting to the salsa dance style quite simple.

However for those wanting to commit to such high intensity training, here are some tips:

1. Love to dance! If you love Latin music and love to dance,
salsa dance may be for you.

2. Work well as a team. When dancing professionally you have to work well with others and learn to compromise. Choosing and learning dance routines takes a lot of work so you must work well with your partner and collaborate ideas for a successful salsa dance routine.

3. Love to travel. If you're a homebody, being a salsa dance professional may not be for you. Being a professional dancer involves a lot of traveling throughout the city, but also to other countries. You
have to love traveling and meeting new people to last in this

4. Enjoy exercise and keeping in shape. If your favorite class in school was gym you may be a good candidate for salsa dance. If you place a lot of emphasis on a healthy lifestyle, love music and dancing than you'll probably enjoy being a professional salsa dancer. Dancers place a lot of emphasis on their physiques through heavy training and stretching. Being disciplined and loving the challenge of taking
your fitness to the next level is the key in this business.

5. Are coordinated. If you have two left feet, salsa dance may not
be for you.

6. Love salsa music! If your hips can't stop moving to the salsa beat, salsa is definitely in your blood. Consider salsa dance as a profession.

7. Can't stop dancing

8. Don't mind dancing for hours and being on your feet

9. Love to dress up

10. Would rather shop for salsa clothes rather than shop for back to
school or work clothes, you were born to salsa! Sign up for a
salsa class and get going!

Copyright Evan Margolin shares his passion for salsa through DanceSF, the premier salsa studio in the Bay Area, his Learn to Salsa DVDs and, ( a comprehensive guide to salsa news and events in the Bay Area.

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