Motivation for Cycling Training

Motivation for Cycling Training by Richard Pettinger

Quite often we can go through periods where we lose motivation to train. This can be for a variety of reasons. One of the most common is that we have other pressures on our time. Sometimes we may lose motivation because we have been over training. At other times there may be no good reason as to why our inspiration and enthusiasm seems to have dissipated. There are several things we can do to try and regain our motivation.

1. Do we need Rest?

If we have been training very hard and sticking to a rigid training plan. We may simply be over trained. In this case a short rest may be the catalyst to regain our enthusiasm. It may be worth talking it over with a qualified coach who can decide whether you have been over training. Symptoms of over training can include difficulties in sleeping, general tiredness and lack of enthusiasm.

2. Reduce time of training.

If we set ourselves very optimistic training targets it can be off putting. For example if we plan to do 20 hours training a week this can seem like a mental burden. There is little harm in training for shorter periods for a while. Training for just 10-15 hours can be just as profitable if it is the right kind of training. It is better to do little and often rather than doing nothing. Often just going out for several short rides can get us re motivated.

3. Train with others.

If you always train on your own it can become a lonely training plan. Training and speaking to others will help us regain some motivation.

4. Set certain Goals.

If we have some clear goals in mind it gives us an incentive to train. The goal may be something simple like targeting a national championship or trying to improve a PB. If we work out our biggest goal we can formulate our training around it. When our training has a definite purpose it is easy to be motivated.

5. Try something new.

Newness can give us a renewed enthusiasm. When training this could involve training in a different location. If possible it is very helpful to have a week of training in a warm climate. In the UK I often find that the weather is one of easiest excuses to avoid training.

6. Turbo trainer.

Some people may question this. If you are lacking in motivation the last thing you want to do is to subject yourself to hours of boredom, cycling on a treadmill like a hamster. However turbo training is not so bad if it is short, there is good music. It is often more attractive than going out in freezing rain.

7. Remember good cycling races.

If you remember how you felt when you set a new personal best or performed very well, it will give you a renewed sense of motivation. In this regard it is helpful to keep a training diary and list of race results

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R.Pettinger competes in UK Time trials. He finished 4th in the National 100 mile TT Championship 2005. He rides for Sri Chinmoy CT. Article Source

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