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Cycling Tourism ... New Holiday Trends by Pensare Web Srl Pensare Web Srl

Bike Hotels are the latest answer to the new trend of active holidays.

The best doctors say that to stay fit you need to move, training muscles and mind together. To go away from the frenetic life in the city, more and more people are choosing cycling tourism.

This trend comes mainly from Northern Europe, from places where there is no sea with a ten-year cycling and cycling tourism tradition.

The love for cycling also means ecological holidays and bike facilities for cyclists are designed to ensure relaxation, sport and adrenalin.

Cycling routes and itineraries are the basis for a real bike holiday and the best Italian bike hotels offer their customers detailed tourist information and professional equipment even for very well trained cyclists.

Italy has the advantage of offering mountainous stretches combined with the long jagged coasts of the Adriatic sea and Riccione for example, which is a famous town among tourists of transalpine countries precisely for its cycling tourism offers.

Many cyclists come to Italy driven by the rich long-distance and medium-distance cycling calendar including routes also suitable for amateurs and cycling tourists.

A new way of interpreting the idea of holidays then, not just as total relax but as energy.

This energy is the core business of some special bike hotel in italy that give some quality services for bike lovers: from the equipment to an expert guide. All to live a really bike vacation.

During the itineraries the cyclists could discover italian territory by bike and know italian gastronomy. There are many typical restaurant and magic place to live a special bike holiday.

So the cycling holiday is a perfect "marriege" between nature and sport: Riccione, in Italy offer a lot of bike opportunities and a lot of bike hotels that propose vacation "tailor-made" on cyclist needs.

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