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  • Cycling Tourism ... New Holiday Trends
    by Pensare Web Srl Pensare Web Srl
    To go away from the frenetic life in the city, more and more people are choosing cycling tourism.

  • Injury Prevention in Cycling
    by Jeanne Boisseau, M.Ed., LMT
    Spending a few extra minutes on these preventative steps will have you pedaling with pleasure all through the season. Have a great ride - and don’t forget to enjoy the scenery!!

  • What To Think About When Racing
    By Richard Pettinger
    The difference between winning and losing can often be the matter of a few seconds. To make sure we optimise our performance we need to make sure we have the right attitude to racing on the day.

  • Spin Faster for Greater Efficiency
    by Gabe Mirkin, MD
    A study from the University of Kentucky shows that most bicycle riders have very low efficiency at a pedal cadence of 40 revolutions per minute. Efficiency increases between 60 and 100, and decreases substantially over 120.

  • Motivation for Cycling Training
    by Richard Pettinger
    Quite often we can go through periods where we loose motivation to train. This can be for a variety of reasons. There are several things we can do to try and regain our motivation.

  • Cycling Your Way To Fitness - Stationery Exercise Bikes - Still A Top Choice For Overall Fitness
    by C.J. Gustafson
    For many people, exercise bikes provide a fun, consistent,reasonable means of exercising, improving cardio functions, and losing weight.

  • Lance Armstrong, Exercise, and Will Power– Characteristics that Make a Champion!
    by Greg Ryan
    Whatever our sport, we can alllearn from this extraordinary champion.

  • Race Equipment Checklist for Mountain Bike Racers 
    by Levi Bloom
    Here's a checklist for when you're doing a mountain bike race so you don't forget anything.

  • Strength Training For Cyclists
    by Gregg Hall
    The research done to date on the effects of weight training on cyclists has brought mixed results. The study done at the University of Maryland showed that the strength-trained men improved their endurance. On the negative side, we have research, carried out at the University of Cape Town in South Africa.

  • Mountain Biking - Great Exercise and Fun
    by David Chandler
    Mountain biking is a great way to explore the great outdoors,
    exercising and having fun.

  • Bicycling Gear - Seven of My Favorites
    By Kathryn Mosely
    While the gear might make you look 'cool', it also really does help you function better. Here are 7 of my favorite pieces I wouldn't dream of being without.

  • The Tour De France, The Worlds Biggest Road Bikes Race
    by Alastair Hamilton
    The Tour de France is the BIG one; it's the World cup and the Olympics all in one.

  • Train More Effectively with a Heart Rate Monitor
    by Matt Ream
    Today's heart rate monitors have made it easier for athletes of all levels to get the same feedback they would get from a high-priced trainer. It's like having a personal coach strapped to your wrist.

  • Getting Started in BMX Racing
    by Jean Feingold
    BMX racing is a fun sport for young people. For kids, the basic bike should have 20-inch wheels. Riders under age six can use whatever type of bike they have, even if it's not a true BMX freestyle bike.

  • Cycling In The Cold
    by Levi Bloom
    Here's some advice for those really cold days.

  • Gran Fondo Campagnolo 2005 - A Personal Diary
    by Mike Hayes
    The Gran Fondo Campagnolo is Italy’smost prestigious Cyclosportive event.

  • Tips On A Comfortable, Efficient Position on the Bike
    by Murray Priestley
    Good positioning on the bike is very important for efficient
    mountain biking.

  • Singlespeeding For The Mind
    by Mike Hayes
    I ride road primarily and also wanted a pretty-much maintenance free and cheap winter training bike. By throwing away all the gears and shifters one can pretty much achieve those two goals in one gleeful swoop.

  • My Favourite Light-Weight Jacket
    by Mike Hayes
    Possibly one of the most useful pieces of clothing any active person can own is a light-weight windproof, showerproof shell. My own favourite of the many I have tried is Rab's Quantum Neutrino windproof smock.

  • A Lighting System For Bikes
    by Mike Hayes
    The advent of decent bicycle lighting systems powerful enough for use on unlit roads and off-road has been a real bonus. Now I can train outdoors all year round.

  • Cycle Frame Geometry Variables
    by Don Ferris
    I get a lot of questions about the different effects that changing the angles or geometry has on a frame....

  • The Cycle Frame Weight Wars
    by Don Ferris
    Bicycle frame longevity essentially lies within the realm of cyclic stresses, the material selection to meet those stresses, and fatigue. In the real world, frames experience fluctuating loads with use.


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