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Foot Work by Ian Canaway

Recently I was asked, “Is ‘footwork’ really that important?” When batting in cricket it is essential to have excellent footwork, as good footwork is the basis for achieving excellence in cricket and is the foundation for good batting technique. Footwork is absolutely necessary as all successful strokes start with effective footwork.

Brian Lara, Michael Vaughan, Ricky Ponting and Sachin Tendulkar are all amazing batsmen and have outstanding footwork. Often when these types of players don't perform well, it is simply due to lack of footwork.

Good footwork allows you to time the ball well and place the ball in gaps. It gets you in the optimum position to hit the ball, so you can hit it where you want and with ease.

If you have been struggling to play a particular shot for some reason, it could be due to poor footwork causing bad timing and body positioning.

With faster bowlers it is even more essential to have excellent, fast and precise footwork, so that you can get into a balanced position, in-line with the ball, so you can play the ball with control.

Getting quickly into position through footwork therefore is very important.

The more you practice your footwork against both fast and slow bowlers the easier you will gradually find it. Many players do what we call trigger movements just before the bowler releases the ball, this helps get the feet moving into position and into line much quicker and easier, especially against faster bowlers.

Next time you watch a game on TV watch the batsmen’s feet really closely as the bowler is about to deliver you’ll see these small ‘trigger movements’; small foot movements, which help the batsmen get in position and inline early.

As a batsman it is absolutely necessary to develop your foot work and foot movement, as all excellent strokes start with effective and efficient footwork.

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