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With the concern about childhood obesity, vandalism and destructive behaviour sport can be a really important factor in helping kids to live positive lives.

  • Guide to Sensible Strength Training for Young Adults
    by Len Glassman
    Young athletes strive to achieve their personal best. As coaches, parents and physicians, we need to be able to guide them so they can reach their goals without injuring themselves.

  • Sports Psychology Guidelines for Sports Parents
    by Dr. Patrick J. Cohn
    Sports parents have a big impact on their young superstars. A healthy and successful sports experience will depend on sports parents' ability to instill confidence and self-esteem in athletes.

  • Lowering the Risk of High School Football Injuries
    by Jonathon Hardcastle
    It is not possible to prevent injuries in the game of football and for this reason many parents are hesitant to allow their children to participate. But the risk of injury can be minimized with cooperation between parents, doctors and coaches.

  • Using A Mouthguard For the Safety of Your Child
    by Minh Nguyen
    Chances are, a child in your family probably participates in some kind of sporting activity, either in team sports or simply riding a bike. Over two million teeth are knocked out every year in the U.S. largely during sporting activities. Wearing a mouthguard could have prevented many of these incidents.

  • Karate For Children
    by Jason Hanna
    Today's children are the leaders of tomorrow. What could be better if they are taught the good virtues of life and are instilled with the spirits of comradeship, friendship and positive attitude so that they become good and helpful members of the society when they grow up?

  • Sailing: An Ideal Sport For Families
    by Gray Rollins 
    Sailing is becoming an increasingly popular recreational activity for families, and with good reason. On a sailboat that requires someone steering at the helm, someone navigating from a map, and even someone swabbing the deck, there is a lot to be done, so there can be a role for everyone from grandpa down to the smallest tot.

  • Hiking With Kids
    by Mats Lundkvist
    Most of us think that it is almost impossible to go on hiking with kids, especially on long and risky trails. But you can get your kids on your hike by considering two things.

  • Getting Started in BMX Racing
    by Jean Feingold
    BMX racing is a fun sport for young people. For kids, the basic bike should have 20-inch wheels. Riders under age six can use whatever type of bike they have, even if it's not a true BMX freestyle bike.

  • Gender Issues In Soccer Coaching
    by Steve Watson
    Girls are becoming more interested in playing soccer, but should they be coached in the same way?

  • Pressure in Youth Sports
    by Ken Kaiserman
    Pressure is part of all sports and its impact in youth sports is something we need to carefully evaluate.

  • 7 Good Reasons to Get Your Child Involved in Sports
    by Stacie Mahoe
    Involving your child in sport can be fun. It can also be character building and make a positive impact on your child's health.

  • Golf Basics For Kids
    by Hana Lee
    When teaching golf to kids, FUN is the name of the game. Throw in all the technical jargon at the beginning and you will effectively kill a child's desire to learn. Allow a child to ‘play’ golf for enjoyment, and he’ll become a life-long convert of the game!

  • Benefits of Martial Arts Training For Kids
    by Laura Saunders
    Admit it. When the going gets tough at home, we've all plopped the kids in front of the television and breathed a sigh of relief. Finally we can get started on dinner, maybe check email or sort that massive pile of laundry.

  • Advantages of Martial Arts for Kids
    by George Anderson
    Martial arts are still considered a rather controversial subject, and the unfortunate misconception that they can promote violence is still present. However, just a little research will show any parent that martial arts promote the exact opposite of violence: they teach self control, balance and a healthy physical and mental state.

  • Fun Games For Children Training In Martial Arts
    by Eric Gehler
    Keeping children interested in their martial arts training requires an element of fun and games. Traditionalists are usually only concerned with the discipline and structure of their training, but incorporating fun games involving proper techniques will add to the value of training and keep the kids interested.

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