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  • How to Choose the Fit of Your Bowling Ball, Shoes and Bag
    by Bill Weaver
    The first thing I do when a bowler approaches me for advice is to examine the ball he is using-to determine if it is properly fitted to his hand. Proper fit is most important, for a badly fitted ball handicaps any bowler.

  • Tips on Bowling for Ladies
    by Mitch Johnson
    Any lady interested in the game of bowling? The ladies are coming up fast in the bowling game now, and why shouldn't they? When you analyze it, the sport is a natural one for them, for it puts a premium on smoothness, gracefulness and rhythm, with which the average woman is born.

  • Your Evil Non-Bowling Twin
    by Susie Minshew
    Tips on how to deal with that hyper-critical part of you that can destroy your game.

  • Bowling - The Hood Ornament
    by Susie Minshew
    One of the vital necessities of a shot in bowling is that the trailing leg and hip get out of the way of the descending ball. This is known as clearing. Now there are ways to clear the hip and there are ways to clear the hip and get a great shot off.

  • Are 14 Steps Too Many?
    by Susie Minshew
    It doesn't matter how many or how few steps a bowler takes. It only matters that the number gets the athlete to the line with the proper timing to execute the best shot that bowler can make. Here are some hints about helping an athlete get to the line in 'their own good time'….

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