How to Dunk a Basketball


How to Dunk a Basketball by Zachary Thompson

How to dunk a basketball. Well there are a few things one needs to keep in mind when you start dunking a basketball. One is to remember there is a lot more to the game then just the dunk. And not to spend to much time on learning how to dunk. Even though its very fun and can be addicting. But some good things about dunking is when its done during the game and you are the one doing the dunking there are fewer things that will feel as great as that. It gets your fans and teammates into the game and even more important it gets you into the game and can be a big confidence booster and a moral buster for those your playing against.

If your athletic enough and can dunk any which way you want then I doubt you need to read this. But for others it takes time and practice. The best thing to do to become a better dunker is to work your legs. This helps more then just dunking. Running hills and jumping rope helps a lot. There are several different things you can do. I suggest finding out what leg workout works best for you.

Don't spend to much time working on dunking. About 10 attempts after each workout or practice is about all you need. Its addicting I know. But try to make dunking apart of your game rather then just for showing off while shooting around.

Some like to jump off one leg and others like to jump off two. One leg is better for fast breaks and it helps you use your momentum a lot better. Two legs are better for post players who only take one dribble most of the time. When doing post moves this will help you go to the basket stronger.

When you jump always think 'JUMP' and jump as high as you can. Don't always try to hang on the rim. Just putting it down helps a lot. A lot of dunks are missed because guys try to hang on the rim to show off. Most people who can dunk will do it with one hand. I like the two handed dunk better because I have more control over the ball. This is something that's really just personal and no real orthodox way of doing it.

To sum it up dunking is not all there is about basketball its just apart of the game and only has been for a short time. It can help your game out and it can make your game worse. But it does help your confidence out to know you can do it whenever you want. Just practice and watch how others might do it. Try to learn from the best. But most of all work on the other parts of your game and just slowing bring dunking into yours.

Copyright 2006 Zachary Thompson

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