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  • The Origin of Baseball
    by F R Penn
    There appears to be a historic mish-mash of very early games that may very well have ties to modern baseball.The idea that baseball evolved from any of these sources turns out to be conjecture or theory.

  • Simple Tips For Playing Baseball
    by Robert Michael
    Baseball involves thrilling, pitching, catching, baserunning, fielding, and hitting. If you want to improve in all of these areas and skills then you must practice regularly using drills.

  • A Review of Popular Baseball Bats
    by Jason Gluckman
    Choosing the right baseball bat is as important as batting technique or selecting the right pitch to blast over the center field fence.

  • Baseball - Conditioning and Agility
    by Kristoph Thompson
    This article outlines a number of drills and exercises that can be used to increase or improve short-distance speed, agility, trunk strength, and endurance. Gym-based exercises will also reduce the risk of a shoulder injury by strengthening the muscles of the rotator cuff.

  • The 7 Steps To Huge Velocity Gains In Baseball
    by Bill Mooney
    Velocity is indeed a very complex part of pitching. Location is important, but velocity is too. Most athletes never work on this discipline.

  • How to Break in a Baseball Glove the Old-Fashioned Way
    by Adrian Mybo
    You learn how to break in a baseball glove as soon as you're able to hold a baseball mitt with one hand. It was a tradition in my family each winter. Come late October or early November, after the leaves had already fallen and been raked up and when the air smelled like peanut butter and jelly, my dad would take me down into the garage.

  • An Introduction To Baseball Bats
    by Jason Gluckman
    Whether you enjoy the crack of wood or the ping of aluminium, baseball bats are designed for players ranging from Little Leaguers to professionals.

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